My Favourite New Thing (Work in Progress Wednesday)

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

I finished this cowl a couple weeks ago. I love this cowl. I wear it every single day. I plan my outfits around it – in fact, I might as well just throw away any shirts that clash with the pink colour. (Which is really only one shirt. And I’m wearing that shirt right now. With the cowl.)


Why is this cowl so great? Because it’s super pretty and it keeps my whole body about 5-10 degrees warmer – it’s like slippers for my neck. But more pink and less smelly. By some wonderful miracle, my beloved cowl has stayed out of the path of baby vomit so far – though I’m fairly certain that even if did get hit by projectile puke, I’d still be reluctant to take it off. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure I could take it off without smearing baby puke all over my face in the process. Nope, better to keep it on. It appears that I wear this cowl so much that my children have embraced it as a symbol of my personhood. At least, I assume that’s why my three year old immediately cuddled this mannequin like a long lost mother when I put the cowl on for a quick photo.


Should I be worried about this? Is this a middle-child thing, where The Pixie has accepted her lot in life and is now seeking out an alternative source of love and affection? Like a cast-away Tom Hanks and his beloved ball? Maybe we should name the mannequin “Wilson” and see what happens. At the very least, we should close the curtains before concerned neighbours report a love-starved child in need of a mother and a hair cut. Maybe I should just knit a matching cowl for her. I’ve been trying to make one for my mother as a Christmas gift. I can’t show you a picture because, well, it’s a Christmas gift. I have not made as much progress on it as I’d like because I’ve been too busy with the baby. It turns out he’s ticklish, so clearly that takes up a good chunk of my day.


But I suppose I better get a move on with the knitting. Christmas is officially less than a month away. Ugh, I just got a chill while thinking about it – maybe I need to put on another cowl.

Part of Ginny’s Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft On.

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13 Gifts Under $39 for Babywearers

Posted by on Nov 23, 2014

Disclaimer: Links in this post are affiliate links, which means I’m paid a small commission should you decide to click over to Etsy and purchase these or other items. Please use your best judgement when purchasing items for your family; I cannot attest to the safety or quality of any items on the site. Prices are subject to change. All photos were used with permission.

13 Gifts for Under $39 for Babywearers

You’re BFF is a diehard babywearer. Your daughter has been bit by the baby carrier bug.  Your wife has more wraps and ring slings than she can count. What do you buy her for Christmas? You know, other than another carrier?

No worries, I’ve got you covered with this great list of 13 Gifts Under $39 from Etsy – gifts that would appeal to any babywearer. That’s right – go ahead and check that babywearer off your gift list because you’ve nailed it. You are the best gift giver ever. (And don’t worry, I’ll totally let you take the credit.)

13 Great Gifts Babywearers

1. These needle felted Christmas ornaments from Karolina of Happy Crafts are absolutely adorable. They’re made to order, so you get to choose the carry and colours! Karolina also has some beautiful needle felted babywearing sculptures and keychains too. ($8.90 USD)

Babywearing Christmas Ornaments

2. I love these sweet Chevron and Polka Dot baby shoes from Cabooties – they match the Blue Zig Zag Tula perfectly. Cabooties has a ton of different fabric choices, including shoes made from wrap scraps. You can even have an adult-size pair made for yourself! Hmmmm…. I think my feet would look good in a Girasol… ($21.00 USD)

Baby Shoes to Match Tula Baby Carrier

3. This cheerful handwoven headband from A Love So Rare Studios looks both comfortable and beautiful. Personally, I’m always looking for ways to keep my hair back so little fingers don’t grab it – a headband like this would be a refreshing change from my current ponytail/ponytail/bun/ponytail/ponytal/half ponytail/ponytail routine. ($12.79 USD)

Handwoven Adult Headband

4. It takes me roughly 23 seconds to put my keys down and then forget where they are – and never mind finding them in my giant mom purse – how about you? This little wristlet key chain made from a Kokadi wrap scrap let’s you wear your keys on your wrist and show off your babywearing love at the same time. Check out the different wrap options from Baby Wear by Chloe’s Collars, including wraps by Girasol, Oscha and Didymos. ($14.00 USD)

Key Fob from Babywearing Wrap

5. This beautiful hand stamped pendant from Jamie’s Creative Spot can be customized to please any babywearing mama. What a thoughtful way to commemorate the early days of motherhood! This is a gift that will be treasured long after the babywearing days are done. ($26.00 USD)

Handstamped Babywearing Pendant

6. You know that babies are born to be worn and car seats are for the car! Help spread the babywearing love every where you go with this awesome window decal from Wrap & Scrap’s Designs, available for both ring sling and wrap fans. ($7.90 USD)

Babywearing Window Decal

7. Sew Oiseau has this lovely upcycled wool babywearing sweater on sale! Grab it before it’s gone though – there is only one. This store is full of beautiful wool treasures for kids and adults alike. ($30.00 USD)

Upcycled Babywearing Sweater

8. Does the babywearer in your life appreciate beautiful birth art? This joyful babywearing mama from Brigid’s Grove would be a touching gift that will be admired for years to come. ($18.00 USD)

Babywearing Sculpture

9. You can never have too many nursing necklaces, jewelry that gives your babies something to fiddle with while they feed. I thought this turquoise and coral one with natural wood from Little Lemon Treasures was especially pretty, and I like that the breakaway clasp ensures I won’t be strangled when my baby tries to pull it off my neck for a closer look. ($22.00 USD)

Nursing Necklace

10. What child doesn’t want a pony? I know my baby would love this little stuffed toy from Cool Tricks, made from a brightly coloured scrap of a Maya Wrap ring sling. I think the design is especially clever with the four knotted legs – perfect for little fingers to grasp! ($36.00 USD)

Stuffed Pony from Maya Wrap scrap

11. I love this babywearing keychain carefully cut from oak and lovingly finished with beeswax and coconut oil by Wood and Thyme. I think this would look pretty sweet paired with the wrap scrap wristlet above! ($12.00 USD)

Key Chain

12. Every tree needs some rainbow! This gorgeous babywearing Christmas ornament is from Turk and Bean. The glass ball is filled with Girasol wrap scraps, adding bright colour to your tree. For an added fee, Turk and Bean can add a name or year to the ornament – have one made for each child! (Starting at $10.00 USD)

Babywearing Ornament

13. I first saw these embroidered key chains by Blue Bird Babe Boutique in the Canadian Girasol Love Facebook group – aren’t they great? A variety of stitch colours and wrap scraps are available, with your choice of the babywearing or the breastfeeding logo – or both! ($9.13 USD)

Babywearing Key Chain

14. Wait, 14? Okay, so this one isn’t under $39 but I wanted to include it anyway. :) Red Charlotte makes all sorts of neat babywearing accessories, including this baby carrier stuff sack. I hate carrying my buckle carriers around because the straps just seem to go everywhere. These sacks let you keep your carrier neatly contained and look good too! ($41.95 USD)

Stuff Sacks by Red Charlotte

What about you? Have you found the perfect babywearing gift that you’re hoping appears under your tree? Please leave a link to your babywearing finds in the comments below. You never know – Santa might be reading!

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The Missing Tooth

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014

I hate loose teeth. My daughter knows this and loves to torment me by wiggling her teeth back and forth for me each day so I can track their progress. Blech. The worst is when they’re hanging on with nothing but a slimy thread of who-knows-what. And I don’t really care for touching teeth once they’ve fallen out.


On Tuesday night, The Princess and I were driving out to buy winter boots when I heard a loud “huhhh?!?” from the back seat. I glanced in the rear view mirror at my daughter.

“My tooth came out,” she announced.


“My tooth came out,” she said again. “It’s my third one.”

Sigh. My baby is growing up. I smiled at her and shared some meaningful words that commemorated the milestones of her life and let her know just how proud I am of the person that she is becoming – at least, that’s what I remember. She assures me that I responded with a loud and long “Eeeeewwwwww….!!!!!” It’s hard to say for certain who’s right.

Shortly after, we arrived at our favourite children’s shoe store and she proudly held up her tooth for the owner to see. He was suitably impressed and asked if we’d like a bag to keep it in so that it wouldn’t get lost. We thanked him and he went off to retrieve a sandwich bag from the back room. The tooth was zipped up tight and stored securely in her pocket.

When we arrived home an hour later, The Princess ran in the house to show off her treasures to her father. James admired the tooth and her new boots and they decided to celebrate the occasion by making biscotti. The two of them started working on the cookie dough as soon as supper ended, but before they had a chance to finish, I dragged The Princess off to her church group. James promised her that they would be ready and waiting when she returned.

Before we left, The Princess turned to me. “Can I bring my tooth to show my leaders?”

Ha! I know how that story would end, and I’m not that foolish.

“No, sweetie, it might get lost.”

After a moment of thinking, she decided I was right and we rushed out the door so she wouldn’t be late. And true to his word, we returned later that night to the smell of freshly baked biscotti filling the house. I eagerly ate a piece or two. Or three. Mmmmm… biscotti with chocolate chips and walnuts. Nice and crunchy and the perfect touch of sweetness.

Homemade Biscotti

At that point it was late so I sent the girls off to bed. Suddenly The Princess remembered her missing tooth and asked me to get it for her so she could put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

“Sure, where is it?” I asked.

“In the plastic bag,” she replied.

“And the bag is ……?”

“I don’t know.”

Great. Now I’d have to spend the next hour searching the house for a plastic bag with a tooth in it – not exactly the relaxing evening I had planned. I promised that I’d find the tooth and tuck it under her pillow, though I doubted that she’d fall asleep until it was safely in place.

So James and I started to look. I scanned over her room and he looked through the nursery. I checked the dining room and he walked through the living room. I started to fear that we’d be spending the next three hours turning over couch cushions and combing through boxes.

“I told her that I’d put it under her pillow.” I whispered to him. “Can’t we just lie and say we found it and left it for the tooth fairy? She’ll never know!”

“Unless she actually finds it tomorrow…” he whispered back.

The search continued.

After about 20 minutes, James emerged from the kitchen to ask me what the bag looked like. I said it was a sandwich bag and he asked what it looked like and I replied that it was clear – you know, like a sandwich bag. He dragged me into the kitchen and held up a bag covered in smelly salad dressing that he had dug out of the garbage can.

“Was it this bag?”

I honestly couldn’t remember so we pulled our own bags out from the cupboard to compare. The stinky salad dressing bag was different than the ones in the box so we knew without a doubt that we had found the tooth bag. Except it was empty.


Even though it was clear that nothing was inside, I started to rinse off the salad dressing, hoping that the tooth would magically reappear when the bag was clean. Nope. Still empty.

I went to my daughter’s room. “Did you take the tooth out of the bag?”

There was a pause. “No.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I showed the tooth to daddy. It was in the bag.”

I returned to the kitchen. Again, we spoke quietly so that we wouldn’t be overheard.

“Do you think the tooth fell in the garbage?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know.” he replied.

“Well check the bag – is it sealed at the top?”

He checked. It was. We decided it was safe to assume that the tooth hadn’t fallen into the garbage can.

“Well, where did you find the bag?” I asked.

“On the kitchen counter, where we baked the biscotti.”

And slowly, together, we turned to look at the counter which was still covered in small piles of flour and random bits of walnuts left over from the cookie dough.

“You don’t think it could have gotten in the dough?” I whispered.

“No. No, we sifted the flour. No.”

We both started running our hands through the little piles of flour covering the counter, sweeping it from side to side, searching for the tooth. Nothing.

I noticed some walnut pieces that had fallen on the floor. I got down on my hands and knees and started picking them up for individual inspection while James continued to search the counter. I grabbed the broom and gathered up the debris on the floor; together we searched through the pile.


We both moved over to stove and stared at the rows of biscotti in silence. You know what looks an awful lot like a tooth that’s missing in action?

Walnut pieces. Lots and lots of walnut pieces.

It is ridiculous how much walnut pieces look like little teeth. I couldn’t help it – soon I couldn’t stop laughing. James laughed even harder.

Nut? Or tooth?

We started picking the biscottis up one by one, turning them over and over, trying to find a tooth shaped nut. We kept on laughing as we inspected every last piece. There was no way I was going to eat another one until we found that stupid tooth.


After a while, I left to nurse the baby and James went downstairs. He returned with a triumphant smile.

“Look what I found!”

The Princess had left the tooth on top of some LEGO that was on his desk in the basement – no where near the sandwich bag or the kitchen counter. James presented the treasure to The Princess and I celebrated by eating four more pieces of biscotti.

By this time, we were both beyond exhausted. Not The Princess, though. It of course took her another hour or so to fall asleep. Once she finally drifted off, I stumbled over to the change drawer to grab a twoonie to put under the pillow. The change drawer was empty.

I checked my wallet. Nothing.

And suddenly we were in search mode again, frantically looking through the house. Two bucks. Just two bucks. Two loonies. Eight quarters. At this point I’d be happy to cram 20 dimes under her pillow if it meant I could go to sleep. I started digging through the bottom of purses while James looked in coat pockets.

Suddenly he remembered that he had a twenty-dollar bill in his wallet.

“GET IT!” I cried.

I just wanted to go to bed. I would pay $20 to go bed. I would give my kid TWENTY DOLLARS for an icky tooth if it meant I could go to bed.

I got to his wallet first and ripped it open. And inside, tucked under the folded up $20 bill, was a shiny twoonie.


I snuck into the room, and while The Princess slept, I traded the tooth for a twoonie and then I finally went to bed.

This morning The Princess showed me that she has another loose tooth, this time on the top. I’ve decided that when it falls out and the Tooth Fairy leaves a shiny twoonie under her pillow that night, she’ll also be leaving a bottle of wine under mine.

I’ve earned it.

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